Gabriele Stötzer – Symbole des Ungesagten

May 7 – 28, 2022
SAT | 12 – 6 PM and by appointment
Project Space | Ackerstr. 171


LOOCK Galerie is pleased to present 1RWW — 1 Room, 1 Work, 1 Week — in its new Project Space located at Ackerstraße 171 in Berlin. The aim of this exhibition is to focus on one work at a time and to explore a format that extends through time and space – not only will 1RWW take place over the course of 12 months, but each work will complement and be in dialogue with those presented before and after. It will feature works by 12 painters, all of whom are invited to freely interpret the title and concept of the exhibition. At once a series of solo exhibitions and one group exhibition, 1RWW  now moves forward with Gabriele Stötzer and her work Symbole des Ungesagten after having presented:

The names of the other artists will be announced one month in advance of their participation in the exhibition. In January 2023, a publication documenting the paintings, the activities of the artists, and the Project Space will be published by LOOCK Galerie.

The idea for 1RWW stems from BILD-Malerei, an exhibition conceived by Friedrich Loock in 1995, when the gallerist was running the infamous Wohnmaschine, a private gallery founded in 1988 in his East Berlin apartment. Acquired by the Berlinische Galerie in 1997, BILD-Malerei called attention to painters working in Berlin in the early 1990s, and is a point of departure for 1RWW, which will highlight contemporary painters working not only in Berlin, but also in Asia, North America, and other European cities.


The Project Space is open Saturdays from 12 – 6 PM and by appointment.