Natalia Stachon – They Fade Into Geography


November, 20 – December 18, 2021
THU – SAT | 12 – 6 PM

Opening: SAT, November 20, 2021 | 6 – 9 PM


LOOCK Galerie is glad to announce They Fade Into Geography by Natalia Stachon. A not entirely unknown online encyclopedia lists the following definition of geography: "Science of distribution and interconnection of the most diverse phenomena and facts of the earth‘s surface, especially with regard to the interaction between earth and man." When Natalia Stachon turns to the phenomenon of a fade into geography, she is addressing a particularly intriguing interrelation. What conditions must be fulfilled for something (or someone) to vanish from the phenomena and circumstances of the earth‘s surface? When one fades into the other, does the entire situation change, or is it simply swallowed to the disadvantage of the one (or ones) swallowed? In search of ways to artistically survey the unknown territory, Natalia Stachon creates a ground plan at LOOCK consisting of only a few elements. It is a plan that does not aim at ideal statics, but at the susceptibility to failure and instability of the conditions.